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Gain access to a person to talk to practically any time you want, even access the executive team including the CEO. Jump on a phone call or get direct SMS messages to our team’s lines. This is the executive service. Most people do not need this. The main reason dev firms charge so much is due to communication. This is a way you can opt in or out for it. Granting you flexibility and increased optionality. You can always buy this later – so don’t debate on buying this. Just wait on it if you’re unsure.

Get your logo designs or re-done with this add on. It also comes with an icon for your app.

If you want to add or change something, by all means. Just buy this and you now have the ability to grow and add functionality to your app. Our philosophy is grow as you build and don’t build too much too soon. Add this when you’re ready.

There is a fee for submitting to the iOS app store.

Get your website refreshed, worked on or updated using this add-on.

We build your own affiliate marketing system into your website so people can sell FOR you and help you grow, passively