This is just an initial build. You can change these things later if you'd like. Be sure to LIVE CHAT if you have questions.

One Click Themes Choose an overall theme and bypass individual screen selection +

eCommerce Website You just want to have a website for selling any kind of merch +

Choose the eCommerce Website you’d like.

Social Networking Think any social networking capabilities (ie connecting with people, sharing stuff, writing comments, creating groups) +

Choose the Social Networking you’d like.

Order Ahead Online ordering capabilities +

Choose the Order Ahead you’d like.

Private Messaging Be able to send and receive private messages (DMs) +

Choose the Private Messaging you’d like.

Connections/Contacts View your contacts/connections/friends on the app. +

Choose the Connections/Contacts you’d like.

Learning Management System Build and sell online courses +

Choose the Learning Management System you’d like.

QR Code Reading Scan QR codes to add connections, find products, etc. +

Choose the QR Code Reading you’d like.

Rewards/Points A way to treat your loyal customers. +

Choose the Rewards/Points you’d like.

Booking/Scheduling Make appointments or book events in the app. +

Choose the Booking/Scheduling you’d like.

Login screen A screen that allows your users to sign in or sign up for an account. +

Choose the Login screen you’d like.

Discover screen A screen listing or mapping restaurants, offices, products, etc. +

Choose the Discover screen you’d like.

Events screen A screen with different events (i.e. concerts, games, etc.) +

Choose the Events screen you’d like.

Messaging Screen A way to contact your connections on the app. +

Choose the Messaging Screen you’d like.

Blog/Podcast Publish your blog posts and podcast episodes in the app. +

Choose the Blog/Podcast you’d like.

Calendar A calendar with important dates, events, etc. +

Choose the Calendar you’d like.

Account info screen A screen with account photo and other details. +

Choose the Account info screen you’d like.

Gallery A visual gallery. +

Choose the Gallery you’d like.

Mapping/Google Maps Use Google maps or other maps to visualize an address or show nearby events, restaurants, etc. +

Choose the Mapping/Google Maps you’d like.

Newsfeed A way for users to keep up with their connections or other events. +

Choose the Newsfeed you’d like.

Product Detail Screen A screen with more information on the product (usually after the product list page). +

Choose the Product Detail Screen you’d like.

Product List Screen Screen to list all of your products (usually followed by product detail page). +

Choose the Product List Screen you’d like.

Search screen A way to search for events, places, friends, key terms, etc. +

Choose the Search screen you’d like.

Transaction screen A way to process payments inside the app. +

Choose the Transaction screen you’d like.

Email List Building Making sure you can collect emails with opt-in forms and gateways to seamlessly build your email list +

Choose the Email List Building you’d like.

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